Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's New in Big Sky Country?

The summer social scene is in full swing in this corner of Montana. This weekend I attended two art shows, a pre-wedding barbeque and and a thirtieth wedding anniversary party, the last at the McGuane ranch in Sweet Grass County.
Tom McGuane's lead review of OUT STEALING HORSES by Per Petterson appeared in The New York Times Book Review the same day. Everyone here is reading his latest book, a collection of short stories called GALLATIN CANYON.

Note: the hard cover edition of my memoir RUNNING WITH THE BULLS, no longer available through the publisher, can now be purchased through my website: valeriehemingway@valeriehemingway.com. I would be happy to autograph and personalize each book for you. The paperback can still be purchased in the usual way through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Tom "Odysseus" Smith said...

Hi Valerie,

Welcome back from your diggings! It sounds like you had another fascinating adventure.

I just finished reading your wonderful book, RUNNING WITH THE BULLS: My Years With the Hemingways. What a roller coaster ride! You have a wonderful, indomitable spirit, Valerie. Must be the Irish in you. I loved your tales of those incredible times with Ernest and Mary Hemingway and travels with the Hemingway cuadrilla through Spain during that "dangerous summer"...your times with them in Cuba... his funeral... The world owes you gratitude for helping Mary get so many invaluable works of Hemingway out of Cuba after his death. Thank you for being so candid in sharing the ups and downs of marriage to his son Gregory – he truly did suffer more than anyone else knew, and you bore it so well. Your family times were rewarding. Your life in New York and your fascinating work in the publishing industry... your ongoing work in helping to preserve and promote the legacy of Ernest Hemingway... There is great value in your book!

RUNNING WITH THE BULLS is a great read, Valerie! Thank you so much for sharing your well-written, and enlightening memoir. And thank you for signing the copy for me – it is a treasured addition to my library, which I will pass on.

Now looking forward to your article for The Smithsonian....

All the best!

Tom Smith – “The Scooter Crusader”

Tom "Odysseus" Smith said...

P.S. Hello again, Valerie.

I was also very pleased to get the signed edition of "Hemingway & Bailey's Bartending Guide to Great American Writers", written by Mark Bailey and illustrated by your son, Edward Hemingway.

It's a fantastic book - no home bar should be without one! - all the great stories, recipies and Edward's superb illustrations of more than 40 of the greats including John Steinbeck, Jack London, William Falkner, and, of course, Edward's grand-Papa Ernest Hemingway.

As a former member of the Canadian Association of Photographer and Illustrators in Communications (CAPIC), I was in company with many internationally renowned illustrators. The quality of the caricatures of all those famous writers drawn by your son are up there with their works. Edward is has great talent.

Even if one does not drink, the book is great to enjoy for Mark's stories and Edward's art.

All the best!

Tom Smith - "The Scooter Crusader"

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