Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat?

Halloween is a big deal in Bozeman for children and adults alike. Especially on a mild autumn night like yesternight.

Costumes are planned ages in advance. Routes are discussed. The best streets for getting booty are not always in the immediate neighborhood. Parents or older siblings may be roped in as chauffeurs. Receptacles can vary from pillow cases and garbage bags to plastic pumpkins.

The street where I live is one of the most popular venues in town. Last night between six and seven fifteen p.m. about one hundred supermen, monsters, witches,

fairies and recognizable popular cultural figures from two feet to six feet high, knocked on my door begging treats or threatening tricks if denied.

What a great custom to indulge in one night late in the year before the winter robs all joy of nocturnal outings.

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