Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's New in Big Sky Country?

The summer social scene is in full swing in this corner of Montana. This weekend I attended two art shows, a pre-wedding barbeque and and a thirtieth wedding anniversary party, the last at the McGuane ranch in Sweet Grass County.
Tom McGuane's lead review of OUT STEALING HORSES by Per Petterson appeared in The New York Times Book Review the same day. Everyone here is reading his latest book, a collection of short stories called GALLATIN CANYON.

Note: the hard cover edition of my memoir RUNNING WITH THE BULLS, no longer available through the publisher, can now be purchased through my website: valeriehemingway@valeriehemingway.com. I would be happy to autograph and personalize each book for you. The paperback can still be purchased in the usual way through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Back from the Dig in One Piece

Just returned from my fourth archaeological dig in the Galilee, all in one piece, a bit dusty and achy but very happy and refreshed. Why anyone would want to move rocks and sift dirt in extreme heat from 5:30 in the morning till one in the afternoon is a bit of a mystery, but the satisfaction of gleaning a little insight into the secrets of our past is tremendous, not to mention uncovering the odd two thousand year old coin, or more likely, waching someone else make the find.

When I asked Israeli friends if anything was going on, they said they didn't bother to read the newspapers, and indeed, there was little sign of unrest in the northern part of the country.

Jerusalem is an ancient and marvellous city well worth visiting. I made my first trip to Jordan to see Petra which aspires to be chosen one of the seven wonders of the world in the next wonders election. Computers were available and we were encouraged to vote to make this aspiration a reality. I rode loftily on a rather ill tempered camel, another first for me and ended the day (about 104F degrees) on horseback. Donkeys and carriages were also offered the weary visitor, but I felt I should leave some thrills for a future visit.

While away the final editing of my Smithsonian article took place. Oh, the wonders of the internet, which make communication from the farthest corners of the universe a possibility! Watch out for "Hemingway's Cuba: Cuba's Hemingway" in the August issue.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Article about Deirdre McNamer

My profile of Deirdre McNamer is out in Distinctly Montana: see it here.